Madrid, teaching emergencies' first step

The community of Madrid will be the first territory in Spain where primary education students’ will be able to acquire knowledge in Civil Protection, Emergency, First Aid and Road Safety Education. Two years after @LuisserranoR uploaded a tweet pleading for these contents to be included in compulsory education; Madrid will include these topics in primary education next course (2014-2015).

It is a first step and we (those who participate in Edcivemerg) are proud and grateful to all who have supported the idea from the beginning: authorities, first responders, scientific societies, journalists and individuals.
Among them today I want to thank you Alcorcon’s, Mayor David Perez , who lend us the city as a testing bench, so all primary students age 12 have already been trained. My gratitude is also for the Community of Madrid, the first who will take into consideration all our objetives.

The topics will be in different subjects

It happens to me that almost every time a journalist interviews me asking for the question she or he thinks that we are talking of a new subject. So I have to explain them that what we have are several topics distributed in several subjects.
So, contents related to First Aid will be included in Science, as they are in other European countries. They also are in Civic Education as well in Physical Education. In this last case, linked to to sports-related injuries.

The Road Safety Education files are gathered in Social Sciences. Their main goal is to acquire knowledge to help consolidate and correct road behavior habits. Among the learning standards are getting to know the meaning of traffic signs; and recognizing the importance of following the rules, both as a pedestrian and as a driver.

The topics related to Civil Protection will be included in Madrid in Social Science, and they will be developed along the six years of primary education.
This said, I am sure this is only a first step and all our students will be capable, in due time, to act as first responders and save a life.

Let’s hope the rest of Spain will also include all these requirements as soon as possible.

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Jamie Izaks dijo...

This is a huge step in helping children become more aware of dangers and responsible. What a great way to garner some good franchise PR for that town. Very cool.