Are we going crazy?

I can’t hardly understand why people seem to pay no attention when authorities try to make civil protection and warn citizens to follow their advice. This behavior is being repeated once and again this winter in the coast of Spain, where windstorm and heavy rain are causing waves up to 11 meters. A man died swept by a wave last February 28th in Ondarroa (Basque Country)

It is disgrace enough that ordinary citizens do not pay attention to this serious warnings, but what is more worrying to me is that some journalist were already  swept by a wave last February 6th in Donostia (Basque Country) despite the fact that the police were there and they have established a security cordon, whose efficiency you can judged after watching this video.
They were luckier than the citizen from Ondarroa, since they were not in the border of the duck.

A big wawe surpassed the security cordon 
As you can see in the video, two teams of journalists from the news agency EFE  and Antena 3 TV are reached by a wave in the Salamanca Paseo de Donostia while recording images. The camera operator from La Sexta tv was injured after being dragged by a wave in the Cantabrian Sea, as reported the DYA and eyewitnesses.

The victim was recording the maritime storms that hit the Bay of Biscay when a large wave jumped over the jetty and  entered the Paseo de Salamanca , dragging several people.
As a result of this heavy sea, the camera operator suffered blunt force trauma to the lower back and arm, and he ended up in Hospital.

What else do we need?

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