#Edcivemerg, a dream coming true

A year and a half ago, a group of professional related to the emergency field joined our efforts to ask for a wish long time wanted: teaching all the children in Spain First Aid, Civil Protection and contents related to Emergencies, within one or more compulsory subjects, so we can ensure that all children will be capable not only to protect themselves but also to act as first responders while they wait for the emergency services to arrive. Today, the Senate approved a Parliamentary bill in this sense, and we all hope that it will be a reality in schools as soon as possible.

It’s been a long way since February 1st, 2012 when a group of people joined our efforts in #Edcivemerg to make this dream a reality, spreading the word that our children today can save lives tomorrow, as I already explained here, and today it is a benchmark marking the starting point.

Edcivemerg members in front of the Senate

Besides expressing my happiness and emotion, I wish to say thank you, first of all to all my colleagues who have been working without dismay, but also to the media, the professionals who have given their support in social media, as well as the scientific and proffesional societies and the politicians who backed up the initiative all around the country. 

We had a dream, and today it has come true!

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