Emergency Centre Madrid 112, 2 years in Social Media

The Emergency Center Madrid 112 meets his first two years in the main social networks: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and Thinglink. Madrid 112 followers tripled to reach 21,000 today in their different profiles.  Twitter account @cmadrid grew from the 5,200 fans a year ago to 18,100 now, while Facebook fans increased from 1,500 to 3,115.

The regional government launched this service in order to inform citizens immediately in case of emergencies such as a road cut by a traffic accident, the interruption of rail traffic or, as happened last summer in Valdemaqueda, a wildfire. In the case of information related to the state of the roads Madrid 112 links the information with the Traffic General Service, so that citizens can deepen the information.

Today, more than 18,100 people follow through Twitter, the account @ 112cmadrid compared to 5,200 they did a year ago. This is an increase of nearly 13,000 fans. Madrid 112  provides last minute information on emergencies and engage with citizens whose questions are addresses through thisTwitter account. They also offer pictures, videos and civil protection recommendations, and broadcast their activity via Ustream.

Madrid 112 Facebook page is followed by more than 3,115 people, up from 1,500 a year ago. Many of those followers belong to emergency or civil protection services. They are mainly young and male audience. Madrid 112 also opened in February a profile on Tuenti oriented to youth and teenagers.

More than 306,000 videos uploaded to YouTube

Videos showing how regional emergency services work, including Firefighters and the Medical Emergency Services (SUMMA 112) has been visualized more than 306,000 times. By sharing this content, Madrid 112 pretends to create a civil protection culture.

Madrid 112 is also present in Flickr and Thinglink, a new social network that lets you post multiple photos with internal links to other photos, videos, texts or websites, an application that enhances the user experience graphically when sharing information across networks as Twitter or Facebook.

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